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“We do not need magic to change the world. We carry all the power inside of ourselves already.” – J.K. Rowling

My purpose

Theia (n) divine

Theia healings was created to help you reclaim your inner divinity and ignite the flame from within.  My purpose is to help you remember that within you, you carry your own brand of the divine. The spark within us is never gone, we just have to remember our true essence and connection to God, source or creator. I believe we go through many self-transformations or rebirths; we are never the same person we were yesterday, and we have the power to create and change our reality. To remember that you are a divine being is to remember your true self, your soul purpose, so you can lead a life that is purpose-driven, meaningful, and abundant. I'm is here to help you connect with your authentic expression so you can bring forth your magic in such a way that your dreams become your reality.

Work with Stephanie

When you work with Stephanie she will guide you to awaken to life’s magic and activate the alchemy within, that is waiting to be birthed. She will help you unlock the secrets of your soul, by providing a compassionate and empowering space for you to explore the deepest aspects of yourself and gain valuable insight into your life’s path.  Stephanie provides powerful activations, attunements, and healings that will awaken your consciousness to new heights, clearing blocks or patterns that are no longer serving you anymore. When you work with Stephanie you will begin to uncover your spiritual gifts and start to learn how to use and work with them. This will guide you to the remembrance of your soul purpose, so you can ascend into higher timelines, and start to walk in your light.

What Are people saying?


Profound and deeply moving, are only some of the words that express the experience I had with Stephanie. She reflects a level of understanding and intelligence that is far beyond the ordinary. She works with the wisdom of the true Divine feminine that can love and help anyone.

Grateful satisfaction will come to all those who are open to her guidance and light.

Don’t miss out on it !

Terri S.

To enter a room and feel healing energy swirling may take your breath away. Steph channels the spirits and energy in the room. It’s deeply personal experience that she facilitates. What’s extraordinary is how Steph connects and teaches you to connect to your guides and your source. Steph is gifted. Steph is genuine, careful and pure

Andrea S.

Stephanie is such a clear and compassionate channel for the ascended masters, Akashic Records, and other spiritual guides that are hear to support your journey. I have worked with many different channels, astrologers, angel readers, Akashic Readers, psychics and intuitives, and she is so SPOT ON with her insights! I look forward to future sessions with her. Definitely schedule a session to get clear on your path today.

Beth, CA

Steph has a gift that can benefit many people. Being open to a new way of understanding of our soul is the best gift you could receive from Steph.
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